Craft Quickie: Trapped! (A 10 minute project)

So, I remember seeing a similar project somewhere (sorry I can’t remember the original source) and thought, hey that looks easy– I’ll take a stab at it. It’s a quick one but the results are really cute.

And for those wondering why I went with Tard (Grumpy Cat), it was because I wanted to make this a little gift and this particular recipient thought he was the cutest thing. I also considered an illustration of a fancy man in a suit or maybe a bear up on two legs, but hey, anything miniaturized should work.

Anywhoo– here’s how you do it.


You will need: one 1/2″ screw eye, one mini craft bottle with cork, one sheet transparency film, computer and printer, and finally a key chain or necklace chain


Step 1: Take a screw eye and screw it into the center of the cork plug.


Step 2: Find a graphic you like (animals or unhappy looking things seem funny and appropriate); this one of Tard (Grumpy Cat) was courtesy of Erin Hunting at


Step 3: Print the graphic a size that will fit in the mini bottle (mine was approx. 0.75″ tall) on the transparency sheet.

The final product: Your own mini Grumpy Cat trapped in a bottle!

Step 4: Cut out your graphic and place inside the bottle. Secure the cork top and attach chain…Viola! The final product: Your own mini Grumpy Cat trapped in a bottle!

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